Airports such as Fortaleza/CE, Salvador/BA, Porto Alegre/RS and Florianópolis/SC are operating with WEG transformers in the power supply. This year alone, the Company supplied approximately 62 MVA of power in dry-type transformer for internal power supply and power transformers for the step-down substations that connect the airports to the grid of the local utility companies.

In addition, WEG is also supplying a turnkey PV power plant for the Salvador Airport with rated power of 4.2 MWp. The plant, which will be installed at the end of the airport runway, will generate enough power to supply 3,500 homes.

For these large projects, WEG also offers solutions for copper shielded busbar. More than 1,400 meters of copper shielded busbar were installed at Fortaleza and Galeão airports. In both projects WEG delivered the substations already energized to the customers.

To serve the infrastructure market, the company has a team exclusively dedicated to the sector. Within the scope of solutions for this market, WEG also has substations, medium and low voltage panels, UPSs, battery banks, rectifiers, frequency inverters for HVAC-R systems and pump starters, switchgear, switches and plug sockets, electric vehicle charging stations, surge protectors, electrical insulation monitoring and automation systems, complete photovoltaic solar power generation systems, among others.