WEG, a leading manufacturer of electric motors and equipment for the industry announced delivery of MV Master line motors with SAA certification to Australia.

This certificate, awarded by Test Safe Australia for the supply of Master line, Ex "n" non-sparking, low and medium voltage motors completes the certification of a whole range of products certified to the Australasian markets.

To the already certified W21, low voltage motors and H line, low and medium voltage motors now join the Master line, a fully customizable, low and medium voltage motors line that expands WEG's certified motors offer up to 1000 IEC framed motors.
An important supply of six Master line motors with Ex "n" certification was recently delivered to Australia.

Motors were delivered to Caltex Lytton and Kurnell refineries as an important part of their AUD395million "clean fuel project". The package, which include several motors ranging from 330kW 16pole 3.3kV to 1,600kW 14pole 11kV, was sold trough Netherlands based Thomassen Compression System, manufacturer of reciprocating compressors, who chose WEG as motor supplier for this project.