With extensive experience of having already produced more than 38,000 MW of alternators, WEG offers a wide range of equipment for a wide variety of applications in different environments. 

To meet a dedicated application, WEG has recently supplied 53 synchronous alternators with power rating ranging from 19 to 36.2 kVA to Impacto Implementos Agrícolas for mobile workshops named as maintenance trucks. 

The alternators are driven by the truck diesel engine, allowing them to generate energy for the maintenance equipment in the truck such as, a grinding machine, presses, a bench drilling machine, a high-pressure pump, a welding machine, a lathe, a test bench and others. 

These trucks are convenient for companies that want to have a mobile workshop with their fleet of machinery at a relatively low cost-benefit ratio. Counting on a big variety of machinery and accessories, companies can optimize any production line by serving as a mobile warehouse or providing 24 hours preventive and corrective maintenance, mechanical and oxy steel cutting, welding, deburring, drilling and mechanical services. 

These mobile workshops can also be fully designed and equipped based on the specific customer needs, meeting their job requirements, whether in mining, heavy construction or farming areas. 

Impacto Implementos Agrícolas is a company specializing in providing maintenance services and manufacture of logistics support road equipment for lubrication and supply of mechanized implements, firefighting tanks, landfill compaction, earthworks, street cleaning and irrigation services, transport and transfer of pesticides and fertilizers, mobile workshops for mechanical maintenance on construction sites.