Developing an electric motor range has its challenges. IEC 60034 and IEC 60072 Series Standards establish clear requirements for torque, temperature, speed, vibration and noise level. AS 1359.5 or MEPS standard, set the minimum efficiency levels for motors from 0.75 to 160kW. In addition, hazardous area standards add a greater level of complexity with various specific and mandatory requirements. With the push for higher efficiency levels spearheaded by IEC 60034-30, the challenge for manufacturers is to reconcile all the stipulations without compromising safety. In this presentation, you will gain an insight into the design and technological developments of a modern Ex electric motor range.

Conference Day 1 - 27th June 2012 @ 11.30am

Session Alex Settimi Sohler
Marketing, Projects & Technical Director, WEG Australia Pty Ltd