WEG , a leader company in the manufacturing of electric equipment with presence in all 5 continents, has always been known for its high investments in research and development of new products and technologies. As an outcome of this, the WEG motors R&D laboratory has recently obtained the UL certification for "Materials and Insulation Systems Testing" in the following categories :

  • Magnet Wire / ASTM D2307
  • Magnet Wire Coating / ASTM D3251
  • Varnish and impregnation resin / ASTM D3145 and D3251
  • Insulation Systems / ASTM D5642

The tests are regulated by the UL 1446 standard (System of Insulating Materials). These tests allow to determine the thermal class of the materials indicated above.

This certification includes training for the lab personnel , and the specifications and maintenance of the equipments in order to perform tests within UL standard regulations.

In addition to our current Client Test Data Program(CTDP) for testing of electric motors, WEG R&D department will be able to perform tests on these components as well, increasing its flexibility to keep developing and providing world class products.