The advantages offered by quality predictive maintenance are greatly appreciated by the industrial sector today. This maintenance technique consists of checking how components perform and early diagnosis of possible shutdowns, through the analysis of data collected by means of monitoring or field inspections. In most facilities, the efforts of the maintenance teams are concentrated on critical stages of the manufacturing process, such as covering large machines, sometimes neglecting small equipment and applications that may cause low relevance damages. Due to this factor, verification of small machines while performing field maintenance or even the installation of traditional sensors for permanent monitoring represented unnecessary costs, which opened opportunities for new technologies.

Concerned with the need of implementing a predictive maintenance program on electric motors, which was traditionally performed so far, WEG developed a smart and effective monitoring solution: WEG Motor Scan. The device extracts the motor data, sends the data to a smartphone/tablet or Gateway via Bluetooth® and then, with internet access, forwards all information to the cloud where the WEG IoT Platform offers several plant management tools.

Essentially, this is like an ecosystem that allows exchange of information, consisting of a sensor, an application for intelligent devices and a portal, that interact without manpower intervention, entirely connected via web, which represents the 4.0 industry. Based on the collected data and then sent to the cloud, it is possible to make faster and more assertive decisions, especially in cases of predictive maintenance, ensuring higher efficiency and extended electric motor lifetime.

Therefore, counting on easy installation and low acquisition and operating costs, WEG maintenance team can monitor all plant equipment, predicting and reducing unexpected shutdowns. The advantages range from lower maintenance costs, with time optimization of the teams to the greater availability of machines for the factory.

Applications at Manufacturing Site I and II in Brazil

WEG maintenance teams monitor electric motors in several applications at two of its manufacturing plants through the WEG Motor Scan, such as exhaust fans, conveyor belts, shot blasting jets, air recirculators, compressors, and hydraulic pumps.

In a recent case, the WEG Motor Scan issued a programmed alert to the maintenance team regarding a troubleshooting situation. At the Manufacturing Department IV, there are four identical air recirculating machines driven by electric motors and one of them presented high vibration above acceptable levels. Due to this alert notice, the maintenance team identified that there was a fixation problem originated from motor installation, which caused the vibration. After the corrective action, the vibration levels came down to acceptable levels. Due to this predictive action, there was no need for an unexpected factory shutdown.

WEG Motor Scan has proven to be robust even when applied to machines that are exposed to the bad weather conditions and at harmful environments due to its constructive design and fixing method, which makes it a tough component. At the Manufacturing Site I, WEG maintenance teams monitor electric motors connected to outdoor exhaust systems and some operations at the foundry plant, where motors and sensors are exposed to harmful environment conditions. 

The perception from the WEG maintenance team is positive: "Our experience with the WEG Motor Scan application has shown us that the sensor is easy to install and the possibilities of analysis of motor performance stimulate the commitment of all the users involved (maintenance personnel, technicians and supervisors) with the predictive maintenance and arises the interest for equipment that was mentioned only after a breaking event. Sensors like the WEG Motor Scan, independent and cost-effective, are an evidence of greater reliability in our processes."

Globally recognized for the development of high performance equipment for industrial applications, the new product is duly certified to be used in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and several European countries. In addition, the WEG Motor Scan is a registered WEG trademark. More information can be accessed at