Designed for the soft start/stop of three-phase induction motors by means of voltage control, soft-starters are essential to increase efficiency in the industry. For this reason, WEG is launching its new line of soft-starters: the SSW900. 

In addition to start/stop control and full protection of electric motors, this product provides an outstanding interactivity with the user, offering quick and simple options for configuration settings, and easy access to the application data through a menu-structured graphic HMI. The product also has a convenient and innovative keypad with online help to assist the user at any time. 

Besides being a better solution for WEG electric motor starting, the SSW900 also provides your application with advantages such as energy savings, embedded protection and extended durability of electric motors. This is because the equipment is fitted with a built-in bypass, which contributes to extending the starter lifetime optimizing the electrical installation and reducing the heat dissipation.

The new line also offers fault history and diagnosis, troubleshooting with date and time, and network communication interface, streamlining the productive processes.