WEG Transformadores de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. is a joint investment between WEG headquarters in Brazil and WEG’s branch in Mexico. Its construction - the result of an expansion in the market and the demand for WEG transformers in North America - was begun in March of 2008, with manufacture of the first transformer in 2009.

The total area of the new plant is 78.800m2, of which 10.500m2 is presently constructed area. The new plant is designed to produce 22 power transformers each month, a manufacturing capacity that is only possible with state-of-the-art equipment for the winding and drying processes of the transformer coils. Also aiding the substantial output is a modern laboratory that performs tests on transformers up to 300 MVA, with voltages of up to 525 KV.

The grand opening of new plant, which is the most modern of its type in Latin America, is a huge milestone in the history of the electrical industry. Décio da Silva, president of the WEG Board of Directors, Sérgio Schwartz, WEG Vice Executive President and Eufemio Jiménez, President of Voltran, were all present to cut the ceremonial ribbon at the inauguration. Special guest Carolina Monroy Del Mazo, Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Mexico, also attended the ceremony.

With the launch of the new transformer plant WEG has further consolidated its global presence in the automation, control and distribution markets. Currently, WEG is represented across the world by manufacturing sites in Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, China and India, and also by 22 branches on 5 continents.