Looking to expand its strategy to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions, WEG has just announced an agreement to acquire control of PPI-Multitask Group, specialized in Industrial Automation Systems Integration, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solutions, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and software for the industry.

With this agreement, WEG will own 51% of the share capital of PPI, with the possibility, provided in the agreement, to increase its participation in the business in the future.

Founded in 1992, in São Paulo (SP), PPI-Multitask has a long history of integrating automation systems for machine control and industrial processes, having one of the most respected MES software developed in Brazil. PPI offers solutions to the automation of data collection and online shop floor monitoring, connecting to other company's management systems and preparing the industrial site to meet the new demands of Industry 4.0.

According to Mr. Carlos José Bastos Grillo, WEG's Digital Business Director, with the acquisition, the company now offers its customers MES software, which is the backbone of the 4.0 industry. “Connected to a MES management system we will be able to provide accurate, real-time production and machine information, synchronizing the shop floor with sales, supply and inventory requirements, ensuring inventory accuracy, manufacturing costs and especially enabling increased productivity”, explains Grillo.

Associated with traditional automation products and electric motors from WEG, PPI's software will allow the possibility of integrating the monitoring of equipment performance, such as electric motors using the Motorscan sensor and a real-time manufacturing execution management system. These ensure the on-line visualization of the plant, enabling productivity management and increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

In June of this year, WEG announced the creation of a new digital business structure to accelerate the development of software solutions, embedded or external, to the company's traditional products, as well as turn its process management and manufacturing system into business real time.