In the continuous search for more efficient and sustainable products and processes, Ovos Kasulke found a solution to modernize and reduce costs at its egg production plant located in Santa Catarina State, in a partnership with WEG Energy Efficiency Business Center.

With a production of up to 500,000 eggs per day, Kasulke had a high consumption of electrical energy to keep the operation running, as the motors that activated the fans of the farm operated with a low efficiency level, in addition to being coupled to the fans by pulleys and belts, also generating a high maintenance cost.

Higher Efficiency and Reliability

With the solution WEG proposed to use the latest motors from the WECM line coupled directly to the fans, Kasulke greatly reduced power consumption, in addition to reducing maintenance costs, as such motors are highly dependable and the design eliminates the pulleys and belts that, in the traditional design, generate maintenance costs and energy losses. In addition to these gains, the WEG solution increases the comfort of the birds, ensuring their productivity by maintaining the air flow and lower noise levels.

The pilot project, conducted in two equipment sets, achieved energy savings of 32.2%. With the results confirmed, the project was expanded to the total supply of 110 WECM motors, reducing Kasulke’s energy consumption by 442 MWh/year and avoiding carbon emissions by 18.8 tCO2e.

For WEG, this project is an important benchmark in ventilation systems used in animal comfort, in addition to providing the customer with savings, quality assurance and energy efficiency.

WECM - WEG Electronically Commutated Motor

WECM is an electric motor with permanent magnets and a drive (frequency inverter) integrated into the NDE endshield that allows for speed adjustment. Developed for motor fans, its efficiency exceeds the IE5 level of the IEC 60034-30-2 standard, with single-phase or three-phase power supply versions. Fully interchangeable, it has several ways of mounting, with feet, pads or flanges.

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