WEG has just announced the supply of a complete energy storage system (BESS) for the city of Aspen, located in the state of Colorado, USA. The project aims to enhance the resilience of the local power grid, which does not have its own power generation system and is entirely dependent on generation from other cities.

The solution provided by WEG includes transformers, AC/DC voltage converters, battery containers, switching and protection systems, as well as advanced microgeneration or microgrid management software. The initial system will have a capacity of 1.5 MW of power and 2 MWh of stored energy, with the potential to expand to up to 8 MWh when fully implemented. The management software is being developed by teams of specialists in the United States and Brazil, where WEG’s largest software development technical team is based.

This project is yet another in the portfolio of BESS systems in the United States, where WEG has a group of engineers dedicated to this product in the cities of Duluth, GA, and Barre, VT.

According to Carlos Bastos Grillo, Managing Director of Digital and Systems at WEG, the implementation of the BESS system will not only reduce dependency on external energy sources but also increase the city's resilience against power supply interruptions during the peak season and dry periods, when wildfires occur more frequently in the region.

“The guarantee of a stable power supply is vital for the sustainability of local tourism, which is the backbone of Aspen's economy. We believe that this project will not only benefit residents and visitors but also serve as a model for other cities facing similar challenges,” assures the executive.

The BESS system is scheduled to be completed by September 2024, preparing Aspen for the high ski season that starts in November. Timely completion will ensure that the city does not suffer from power shortages during one of the most critical periods for local tourism.