Mr. Ignacio S. Galán, President of Iberdrola Group and Mr. Carlos D. Prinz, Managing Director of WEG Transmission and Distribution.

On October 30th, WEG received the 2018 Global Supplier of the Year Award from the Spanish Group. Iberdrola is one of the most important world's leading renewable energy groups.

In order to encourage, promote, and recognize the work of its suppliers, Iberdrola has rewarded those who stood out the most in 2018 in different categories, evaluating sustainable development, quality, internationalization process, innovation, corporate social responsibility, job creation, and prevention of workplace risks. WEG received the main title of the event as the 2018 Global Supplier of the Year.

This is a great achievement and we feel very proud for that. Keeping a company running at a marketplace of continuous changes and technological innovations is for sure the result of an intense work of professional improvement for the benefit of both customer and supplier”, says Carlos Diether Prinz, WEG Transmission and Distribution Managing Director.

WEG has become the largest supplier of transformers to Iberdrola Group and the manufacturing sites located in three countries, particularly in Brazil, Mexico and the United States have been quite important for Iberdrola´s investment plan.

The Iberdrola Suppliers of the Year award event was held at the company's auditorium in Madrid and was attended by around 340 guests, including representatives from 167 company suppliers from different countries and various sectors.

About Iberdrola:

Iberdrola is a global energy generation leader, also a leader in wind power generation and one of the top five electricity market capitalization companies in the world. The group is present in many countries and provides electric power to almost 100 million people, mainly in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil and Mexico. Counting on about 34,000 employees and assets of more than Euros 110,000 million, the Group has a yearly turnover of Euros 31,263 million and a net profit of Euros 2,804 million.