WEG was the star of the Capital Goods sector in a prestigious international financial market ranking. Awards were given to the best boards, CEOs, CFOs, programs, teams and Investor Relations (IR) professionals, as well as the best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) program and event with analysts (WEG Day).

Harry Schmelzer Jr., WEG’s president, won the title of best CEO, André Luis Rodrigues was the best CFO, André Menegueti Salgueiro was the best IR professional and Felipe Scopel Hoffmann took second place for best IR professional in the category.

The company also ranked 6th in the general ranking, which includes more than 360 companies from all sectors in Latin America.

The survey reflects the views of more than 1,100 investment professionals and approximately 500 financial service companies worldwide.

Check out the full list:

  • Best Board of Directors – 1st place
  • Best CEO – Harry Schmelzer Jr. - 1st place
  • Best CFO – André Luis Rodrigues – 1st place
  • Best IR Professional – André Menegueti Salgueiro – 1st place
  • Best IR Professional – Felipe Scopel Hoffmann – 2nd place
  • Best IR Team – 1st place
  • Best IR Program – 1st place
  • Best ESG Program – 1st place
  • Best Analyst Event (WEG Day) – 1st place