GH20 Hydrogenerators are designed to meet the growing market for CGH's (Hydroelectric Power Plants). Their structure is lighter and more compact when compared to the previous GH10 line, with a reduction of about 70% in volume and 40% in length.

This reduction enables powerhouse optimization at a rate of 30% smaller in size, significantly reducing investments with infrastructure facilities.

Another advantage of the GH20 Hydrogenerator line is the possibility to skid-mount the Turbine-Generator set at the factory, reducing time and field mounting costs.

In addition, there other features that make the GH20 Hydro line more competitive and can be highlighted:

  • Brushless excitation (brushless and slip rings)

  • Low and medium voltage (electrical installation optimization)

  • VPI impregnation with epoxy resin

  • Sized according to turbine rated speed

  • Grease or oil lubricated bearings

  • Bearing design according to turbine axial and radial loads

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Inertia sized based on turbine and hydraulic circuit characteristics

  • Inertia flywheel mounted on back side of the generator

  • Factory generator tests (efficiency test and temperature rise test)





Main technical features:

  • Output power: 300 to 3900 kVA

  • Nº of poles: 6 to 16

  • Frequency: 60 or 50 Hz


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