The recently built foundry was designed with high technology and operates fully in line with environmentally friendly requirements.

To meet the need for machined cast components for all industrial electric motor frame sizes produced by the Mexican subsidiary, WEG Mexico, the company invested heavily to design an entirely automated factory, which was recognized as one of the most modern foundries existing today and one of the most important in Latin America.

Energy Efficiency for the Exhaust System

When implementing the solution in this own foundry, in operation since November 2019, WEG developed an energy efficiency project for the exhaust system, with the installation of 7 x W22 Magnet motors with IE5 Ultra Premium and IE4 Super Premium efficiency levels, in power ratings of 45kW to 260kW; and a W22 NEMA Premium Efficiency motor. All these motors re driven by WEG CFW11 frequency drive, incorporating a pressure transmitter. The solution resulted in a reduction of 30% to 35% in electricity consumption and a significant cost saving on the entire system.

What is the Baghouse Filter intended for?

The Baghouse Filter is an air pollution control device for exhaust systems filtering the particles released by industrial processes such as a foundry, returning them to the atmosphere in accordance with current legislation. The outstanding operation, the proper application and the specification of highly efficient equipment have contributed for a correct environmental management.

Other benefits arising out of the implementing of the Energy Efficiency project with Baghouse Filter system include easy application, the possibility to be reused to other exhaust systems, significant reduction of compressed air consumption, lifetime increase of the filter elements, reduction of pipes wear and reduction of showdowns for bags replacement.

WEG's manufacturing sites, established around the world, allow the implementation of solutions developed for its customers. Reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity and equipment lifetime are just some of the benefits achieved with energy efficiency projects, which can be implemented for several industrial segments.