Recently concluded, water pumping facilities in the city of Brasilia can provide 750 liters per second for the benefit of over 200 thousand people. WEG provided a package of 4 x 800HP medium voltage electric motors, frame size 400J/H from its W50 line to drive Bananal Water Collection Subsystem in Brasília.

Specifically designed for this application, these motors were coupled to centrifugal pumps from the traditional pump manufacturer IMBIL. This solution was integrated into CAESB (Environmental Sanitation Company of the District Federal of Brazil) project to pump water to the Water Treatment Station of Brasília. Regarded as a raw water pumping station, the collection amount is going to be 750 liters of water per second from a river. This project is of significant importance since it comes to be an expansion of the water production capacity of CAESB for the supply and treatment of water to Brasília area communities.

In terms of product features, W50 is a medium voltage motor line designed for industrial applications in such a way to ensure outstanding performance and reliability at severe operating conditions. The way it was designed has resulted in a compact motor with high power density and low maintenance. In addition to that, this motor stands out for its high mechanical strength, long-lasting operation, low vibration levels and superior efficiency.