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WEG Motor Scan

Catalog Number: MOTOR-SCAN | Product: 14445601

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Product features
Vibration measurement (mm/s) 3 axes - 820 Hz ± 0.035 lb
Operating time measurement (h) Accuracy of 10 min
Storage capacity 3 months (24) measurements/day
Bluetooth® BLE 4.1 – 2,4 GHz
Encapsulating material Epoxy
Degree of protection IP66
Dimensions 0.984x1.732x1.496 in
Certification Anatel (Brazil)        FCC (United States)      IC (Canada)                 CE (Comunidade Européia)                RCM (Australia) ICASA (South Africa)
Fixing method M4 Knurled bushing and M4x20 screw
Temperature measurement (ºC) -40 °C a 135 °C (on motor surface)
Transmission range Approx. 393 in
Battery 3.6 V Lithium (Li-SoCl2)
Estimate lifetime Approx. 3 years
Enclosure material PA6
Mass 0.13 lb