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FNH_FE - Flush End Fuses Type NH (aR)

The aR high-speed NH flush-end fuses are assembled in a high-quality ceramic body filled with impregnated quartz sand, featuring pure silver fuse element and silver-plated copper blade contacts.

FNH_K - Type NH Fuses (class aR)

WEG type D and type NH fuses (class gL/gG) are designed with high quality ceramic body.

MSW Compact Switch-Disconnectors

The MSW Switch-Disconnectors enable the manual drive of motors, machines and other equipment. Available in versions to mount on panel doors or base with currents up to 160A.

The MSW Switch-Disconnectors were developed according to IEC60947-3 and UL508, enable carrying and interrupting electric currents under normal or overload conditions and provide complete physical insulation between the circuit and the power supply when in OFF position.