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Polyester powder coating, with excellent adhesion and flexibility, high physical resistance, good chemical resistance. Very good weather and yellowing resistance. Suitable for surfaces exposed to sheltered environments. The NOBAC line has antimicrobial properties, suitable in cases where health and hygiene are fundamental.

Product features
Family Politherm 36 Nobac
Paint products line Polyester
Paint version antimicrobial
Cura Standard


Showing 4 product(s) of 4 available

Code Description Color Finish paint Shine Comercial Color Color Scale Package content
12747027 POWDER PAINT 36 R MT BLUE RAL 5009 BR Blue MicrotextureBrightBlueRAL 500925 kg
11687885 POWDER PAINT 36 MT WHIT 63740 SB White MicrotextureHalf-BrightnessWhite6374025 kg
11289251 POWDER PAINT 36 R MT BLAC 73360 UM Black MicrotextureUltragflatBlack1001025 kg
11218429 POWDER PAINT 36 R MT VIOL 35650 SB Violet MicrotextureHalf-BrightnessViolet3565025 kg

The color and gloss tones featured must be used as a reference guide only. It can not be guaranteed the accordance with the original coating.