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Representative Image Only

Polyester powder coating free of TGIC, with excellent adhesion and flexibility, high physical resistance, good chemical resistance. Very good weather resistance.

Product features
Family Politherm 29 TF
Paint products line Polyester
Paint version TGIC Free (TF)
Cura Standard


Showing 5 product(s) of 5 available

Code Description Color Finish paint Shine Comercial Color Color Scale Package content
12904720 POWDER PAINT 29 R SM SMOKY BLAC 70038 UM Black SmoothUltragflatFume Black7003815 kg
12788234 POWDER PAINT 29 R SM WHIT RAL 9010 SB White SmoothHalf-BrightnessWhiteRAL 901025 kg
12787879 POWDER PAINT 29 R SM RED W RAL 3020 SB Red SmoothHalf-BrightnessRedW RAL 302025 kg
12622187 POWDER PAINT 29 R SM GREE W RAL 6005 SB Green SmoothHalf-BrightnessVerdeW RAL 600525 kg
10005890 POWDER PAINT 29 R SM BLAC 72790 SM Black SmoothSemi-FlatBlack7279025 kg

The color and gloss tones featured must be used as a reference guide only. It can not be guaranteed the accordance with the original coating.