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Epoxy powder coating, with excellent adhesion and flexibility, high physical resistance and excellent chemical and anticorrosion resistance. Low weather resistance and low yellowing resistance by heating.

Product features
Family Politherm 24
Paint products line Epoxy
Paint version Conventional
Cura Standard


Showing 11 product(s) of 11 available

Code Description Color Finish paint Shine Comercial Color Color Scale Package content
12643103 POWDER PAINT 24 R SM WHIT 66211 MA White SmoothMatteWhite6621125 kg
12350245 POWDER PAINT 24 R TX GRAY W N6.5 BR Grey TextureBrightGreyW MUNSELL N6,525 kg
12057498 POWDER PAINT 24 R SM GRAY WRAL 7035 BR Grey SmoothBrightGreyW RAL 703525 kg
11515296 POWDER PAINT 24 R SM WHIT WRAL 9003 BR White SmoothBrightWhiteW RAL 900325 kg
10814954 POWDER PAINT 24 R SM GRAY RAL 7004 SB Grey SmoothHalf-BrightnessGreyRAL 700425 kg
10589467 POWDER PAINT 24 R SM BEIGE PRIMER 15930 Beige SmoothBrightBeige Primer1593015 kg
10005673 POWDER PAINT 24 R MT BLAC 72460 UM Black MicrotextureUltragflatBlack7246025 kg
10005664 POWDER PAINT 24 R SM WHIT 66210 BR White SmoothBrightWhite6621025 kg
10005656 POWDER PAINT 24 R SM WHIT WRAL 9010 BR White SmoothBrightWhiteW RAL 901025 kg
10005648 POWDER PAINT 24 SM VARNISH COLO PHENOLIC Colorless SmoothBright-0001015 kg
10005646 POWDER PAINT 24 R ME CHAMPAGNE BEIGE 306 Beige MetallicUltragflatChampagne Beige3060025 kg

The color and gloss tones featured must be used as a reference guide only. It can not be guaranteed the accordance with the original coating.