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Hybrid powder coating, with good adhesion and flexibility, good physical and chemical resistance. For indoor use.

Product features
Family Hibrido
Paint products line Hybrid
Paint version Economic
Cura Standard


Showing 7 product(s) of 7 available

Code Description Color Finish paint Shine Comercial Color Color Scale Package content
11802123 POWDER PAINT HIBRIDO MT GRAY 14330 SM Grey MicrotextureSemi-FlatGrey1433025 kg
10001308 POWDER PAINT HIBRIDO MT BLAC 71950 SM Black MicrotextureSemi-FlatBlack7195025 kg
10001304 POWDER PAINT HIBRIDO MT BLAC 71360 MA Black MicrotextureMatteBlack7136025 kg
10001288 POWDER PAINT HIBRIDO SM BLAC 71470 SB Black SmoothHalf-BrightnessBlack7147025 kg
10001276 POWDER PAINT HIBRIDO SM GRAY 16610 SB Grey SmoothHalf-BrightnessGrey1661025 kg
10001231 POWDER PAINT HIBRIDO SM GRAY 14330 SB Grey SmoothHalf-BrightnessGrey1433025 kg
10001229 POWDER PAINT HIBRIDO SM GRAY 14320 SB Grey SmoothHalf-BrightnessGrey1432025 kg

The color and gloss tones featured must be used as a reference guide only. It can not be guaranteed the accordance with the original coating.