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Medium Distribution Transformer (up to 3,000 kVA)

With guaranteed quality, WEG is among the major manufacturers of this line, ensuring the preference of the consumer market. Developed by an engineering team dedicated to this transformer range, these products have streamlined sizes, aiming at reducing the required installation space.

Medium Power Transformers (up to 150,000 kVA)

Large power transformers are designed to ensure high performance in a variety of applications and market segments, meeting the specific needs of power companies and of the industry in general.


Designed and developed in compliance with NBR 5119 and IEC 60076-6 standards, WEG Reactors are benchmark of reliability, quality and high performance.

Small Distribution Transformer (up to 300 kVA)

WEG was one of the first manufacturers of Distribution Transformers up to 300 kVA to receive the certification from the Brazilian Labeling Program coordinated by INMETRO(National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) and Eletrobrás, which confirms the compliance of the products with the power saving and energy efficiency standards. 

Small Power Transformers (up to 50,000 kVA)

The medium power transformer are designed according to the criteria established by NBR 5356 standard or complying with the requirements of the power utility companies and/or specific needs of each application.

Special Transformers

Equipment developed to order for each application by specialists with extensive experience and global acknowledgement, designed to ensure high-performance in demanding and severe operating conditions.

Underground and Submersible Oil Type Transformers

Developed by an engineering team specifically dedicated to this transformer range so as to meet specific characteristics and requirements, these products have streamlined sizes, aiming at reducing the requirement of installation space.