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Commission Regulation (EC) No 640/2009

WEG Low Voltage motors meet the specifications of the harmonized standards. Thus, the product lines comply with the Ecodesign requirements and with the Commission Regulation (EC) No 640/2009.
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Electric Machinery Company - Motores de Inducción

Induction motors feature high starting torque capability, require minimal maintenance and are designed and manufactured for the most severe industrial applications.

Three-phase Induction Motors - Master Line

The Master line motors stand out for the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical design, resulting in a high-performance product, complying with the international standards and aligned with the global trends.

Three-phase Induction Motors - W60 Line

The W60 line motors were designed to meet the requirements of industrial applications on compressors, pumps and fans, ensuring high performance and reliability, even under severe operating conditions.