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W22Xeb IE2 1.5 kW 2P 90S 3Ph 230/400//460 V 50 Hz IC411 - TEFC - B3T

Product: 14502859
W22Xe “Ex eb” Increased Safety motors are certified for installation in hazardous areas defined as Zone 1 and, optionally, “Ex tb”, Zone 21.
Increased Safety “Ex eb” motors are designed to prevent the occurrence in operation (including starting & locked rotor conditions) of rcs, sparks and excessive overheating of all inner and outer surfaces of the machine which could reach the self ignition temperature of the surrounding potentially explosive atmosphere.
Product features
Standard IEC 60034-1
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 230/400//460 V
Number of poles 2
Degree of Protection IP55
Synchronous speed 3000 rpm
Output rating 1.5 kW
Mounting Foot-mounted
Flange Without
Mounting B3T
Terminal box¹ Top
Enclosure IC411 - TEFC