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Variable Speed Drive CFW11: 1.5hp - 600hp
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Variable Speed Drive CFW11: 1.5hp - 600hp

The CFW11 is a System Drive designed with high-tech features built in. The VSD is fitted with Plug and Play technology and can automatically recognize and set accessories. Available in power ratings from 1,1 to 370 kW.


WEG is lauching a new generation of inverters with state-of-the-art technology for three-phase induction motor control. Aimed at increasing the productivity for its customers.

  • 1.5 up to 75 hp 200-240 V – Single phase (up to 3 hp) or Three phase
  • 2 up to 600 hp 380-480 V – Three phase
Plug and Play

The filosofy Plug and Play (conect and use) enables quick and easy installation of acessories and options.

1) Slot 5 - FLASH Memory Module

2) Slot 1
- Expansion I / Os (input and output)

3) Slot 2
- Encoder Interface

4) Slot 3
- COMM 1: DeviceNet, CANopen, RS-232C e RS-485

5) Slot 4
- COMM 2: Profibus, DeviceNet, RS-232, RS-485 e EtherNet/IP

USB Interface

Programming software for PC (USB connection), Windows environment, for parametrization, command and monitoring of CFW - 11 inverters.

Man / Machine Interface

Man-machine interface (HMI) with backlit graphic display and soft-key, greatly facilitates inverter pragramming and operation.

  • Display gráfico
  • Backlight
  • Real time clock
  • Função copy
  • Plug-in (connection CFW11 on)
  • Language Select
  • HMI remota
  • Guided start-up facilitates initial user programming

Soft PLC

Memory card built into the standard product allows user to create functions without the need to use an external PLC (soft-PLC via IEC61131-3 programming software).



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