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A museum only makes sense from the moment one feels reflected and honored in some way.

Social Responsibility built with bricks and concrete. The WEG Museum can be defined in those terms: a space specifically created to preserve the company culture and maintain the life of the region. Built on the same site that WEG produced its first motors, in the town of Jaraguá do Sul, the museum is visited - without cost - by people of all ages. However, it still fulfils its original design objective: to provide an inspiration and a source of attraction for children.

A museum only makes sense from the moment one feels reflected and honored in some way. From the moment it provokes questioning, from the moment that each information received results in another question in a succession of events that transforms us and makes us better as human beings, as citizens and as professionals.

The WEG Museum was created under this perspective. The history of WEG, the culture of Jaraguá do Sul and the wonders of science and technology are gathered in one place creating a space for emotion, reflection and citizenship.

For WEG, to build this museum where the company first had its quarters, is to strengthen its bonds with these three elements in a return to its own roots, which is nothing more than a preparation to fly even higher.

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November 26, 2015 / Products & Solutions
Braun Maschinenfabrik ("Braun") has supplied a complete abrasive cut-off machine for hot cutting of radially forged bars at a stainless steel plant in Bolzano, Italy. To integrate the machine in the forging line, Braun had to completely review the material handling process and installed 68 geared motors from WEG subsidiary Watt Drive on the implemented, fully automated conveyor solution.

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