WEG E-house

WEG has just delivered integrated electrical drive packages to run 10.5MW (14,000HP) multi stage centrifugal compressors from a renowned global turbomachinery manufacturer. The packaged equipment will be applied by a leading midstream company in North America to drive carbon dioxide (CO2) through their pipelines. The CO2 flooding is a proven technology used to boost production in mature oil fields. Using this Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technique, which involves injecting pressurized carbon dioxide, up to 60% of the well’s original reserves can be recovered.

Counting on the coordination of WEG Integrated Solutions Center (WISC) team in terms of project management and manufacturing integration, the development and production of the proposed system required from the five distinct WEG engineering areas taking part of this project true synergy to ensure consistency among the multiple interfaced equipment. The production arrangements have been split among five WEG factories both in Brazil and in the USA.

The scope of supply includes the following WEG products:

  • E-House
  • Fire Detection and Fight System
  • Redundant Wall Mounted Air-conditioning System
  • Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives
  • Medium Voltage Switchgears – Incoming/Input & Output/Bypass
  • Excitation Panels for Brushless Synchronous Motors
  • PLC Panel
  • UPS
  • Rectifier c/w Battery Banks
  • HVAC Control Panel
  • Auxiliary Distribution Panels
  • Oil Type Phase Shifting Transformers
  • Oil Type Step-up Transformers
  • Solid Salient Poles Brushless Synchronous Motors

Besides being a key sales reference on E-houses produced in Brazil for the US market, this project is a testimony of WEG’s technical capability of highly engineered electrical equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry.