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AFW11 - Cabinet-built Frequency Inverter

It is a drive solution for three-phase induction motors assembled on electrical panel with built-in CFW11 frequency inverter.

Its design, manufacture and assembly count on WEG’s experience, quality assurance, safety and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Two choices available, compact model - AFW11C - (mounted on panel with compact size) or standard model - AFW11 - (mounted on standard size panel), providing convenience and flexibility. They can be mounted with the available optional accessories, according to the application needs.

AFW11M - Cabinet-built Modular Frequency Inverter

The AFW11M, commonly referred to as “modular drive”, was developed for mounting on a modular structure, and it is available to supply high output currents with the choice of specification according to the application needs.

They are supplied in the versions with air-cooled heatsink (AFW11M) or water-cooled heatsink (AFW11W), using the new generation of modular inverters CFW11M / CFW11W, in the voltages of 380 to 690 V, with input rectifier in six pulses, twelve pulses or regenerative.

APW11 - Self-Standing Frequency Inverter

It is an innovative technological solution used to drive three-phase induction motors, with the option of installation in self-supporting conditions in clean, ventilated or air-conditioned electrical rooms. The APW11 was designed to offer a solution that enables to streamline the physical space providing simple installation and operation. In addition, when uses in combination with the CFW11 frequency inverter, it incorporates the resources, special functions, hardware and software characteristics of such inverter, providing a compact, robust and flexible solution.

The APW11 can be supplied on a panel with degree of protection IP20/IP21 with CFW11 (sizes E, F or G), built-in fuse and switch-disconnector or as assembly kits.

Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

WEG LV MCCs were designed for various market segments, fulfilling quality and performance requirements compared to the best products available internationally. Highly standardized, these products were designed to provide easy assembly, installation, maintenance and future updates.

The LC MCCs are certified according to NBR IEC 60439-1 TTA/PTTA Standard and type 1 and 2 coordination, according to IEC 60947, ensuring, as such, highly reliable operation and maintenance.

Medium Voltage Controller /Load Center LCW

WEG low voltage Load Centers were designed to meet the specifications of market segments by the use of Load Distribution Switchboards of high currents, high short-circuit levels and compartmentalization of protection and maneuvering equipment. They comply with quality, security and performance requirements compared to the best products available internationally. Designed to meet high standards, this product facilitates assembly, installation, maintenance, future expansion and inter-changeability between circuit-breakers of the same model, size and function.

Medium Voltage Soft-Starter - SSW7000 Series

Soft-Starters are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors. The MV soft-starter WEG is available for power ratings from 550 kW up to 3400 kW. Voltage range: 2.3 kV - 6.9 kV.

Soft-Starters are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors. The control of the voltage applied to the motor by means of adjustments to the firing angle of thyristors allows the soft-starter to start and stop an electric motor smoothly.

The SSW7000 is suitable for medium voltage motors. It reduces the voltage applied to the motor at start. As a consequence, motor current and torque is reduced for a smooth start. This eliminates impacts of inrush current on the power supply and impacts of mechanical shocks on the load and the coupling. This helps in reducing maintenance of bearings, couplings, gear boxes, pulleys, belts and chains, in addition to protecting the motor.

Mounted Panel Soft-Starter - ASW06 Series

It is a complete drive with the SSW06 soft-starter.

MVW01 - Medium Voltage Drive

Designed to drive and vary speed of medium voltage motors, the MVW01 consists of a multi-level structure of medium voltage IGBT (6.5 kV) reducing the harmonic content of motor current to extremely low values.

WEG is the only Brazilian supplier of medium voltage, speed variation systems that produces all the components: input cubicle, oil or dry transformer, variable frequency drive and medium voltage motor.

The MVW-01 variable frequency drive includes state-of-the-art technology through a multi-level structure with high voltage IGBTs (6.5 kV), reducing the harmonic currents in the motor to extremely low levels. The configuration of the input rectifier in 12 or 18 pulses allows high power factor in the supply network, fully compliance with IEEE 519 Standard.

In terms of control, the MVW-01 operates with micro-processing, using 32 bit processors (64 bit busbar) with high speed and pointing float mathematics, assuring great motor control performance.

MVW3000 - Medium Voltage Drive

The MVW3000 Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter has a graphical and friendly HMI, which follows the same programming philosophy used in the low voltage inverter line, the MVW3000 is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications that require speed variation such as compressors, pumps, fans, conveyor belts and mills.

For new installations or retrofits, the MVW3000 is an efficient and robust solution that, in addition to speed control for process optimization, still enables energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

SEI Integrated Electric Systems

Designed to meet the most rigid metallic construction standards WEG IES are suitable to integrate a wide range of electro-electronic components in Generation, Distribution, Protection and Control segments.

Designed and built to meet strict metal construction standards, the Integrated Electric Systems are capable of receiving and integrating a wide range of electro-electronic equipment in the generating, distribution, protection and command sectors, in addition to other applications, always seeking to meet to the most diverse requests and needs of each project.