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ABW Air Circuit Breakers

Ideal for the protection of high power low-voltage electrical circuits. Rated operational currents up to 6300A and high short-circuit breaking capacity. Available with 3 or 4 poles for both versions:fixed or withdrawable

Circuit breakers are devices used to protect electrical circuits and related equipments from overload and short-circuit overcurrents. It is imperative to choose and size circuit breakers according to each specific application, and level of protection imposed by safety requirements.

WEG series of Air Circuit Breakers offers high breaking capacity to protect low voltage applications in high power circuits. Its modular design is enhanced by only four different frame sizes to best suit most applications.

BTWI Spring Clamp Type (Push-In) Terminal Blocks

The terminals of the BTWI line allow direct connection of different cables without requiring any tools - from flexible cables with crimped terminal to rigid bare wires.

The special shape of the terminal spring allows the safe fitting of the conductors. The contact spring opens automatically during the insertion of the conductor and ensures the necessary force to press the conductor against the current conducting bar. The structure of the spring body also ensures the progressive locking and anti-vibration of the conductor. The opening of the spring to release the conductor is performed by the driver, using a common tool with a screwdriver tip.

BTWM Spring Clamp Type Terminal Blocks

The terminals of the BTWM line use the cage clamp technique. In this very simple and effective system, the connection is done by means of the stainless steel spring that constantly presses the conductor against the internal copper element.

The connection procedure is simple: the conductor insulation is removed, a screwdriver is inserted into the square hole of the terminal to compress the spring and enable access, and then the conductor is inserted into the terminal.

When the screwdriver is removed, the connection is done. The contact pressure in this connection system is uniform and independent from the user/operator, because it is provided by the spring.

Main Characteristics of the Terminals of the BTWM Line:

- Borne housing in polyamide PA66, with excellent dielectric properties and high mechanical strength

- Internal conductor element with high current carrying capacity

- Stainless steel spring

- Even contact pressure

BTWO Screw Type Terminal Blocks for Ring and Fork Connectors

BTWO series terminal blocks are suitable for industrial use, providing safety and practicality in the connection of electrical cables.

BTWP Screw Type Terminal Blocks

The terminals of the BTWP line use the screw type connection technique. The length of insulation to be removed and the tightening torque for each terminal model are indicated in the selection tables.

When the screw is tightened, the resulting pressure deforms the terminal, locking the screw so it will not get loose. This system ensures the final quality of the connection with minimum electric losses.

BTWR Interface Relays

Developed for industrial automation applications for the amplification, protection and switching of signals at inputs and outputs of the PLC.

CMRW Series

The CMRW capacitors are designed for application in combination with electric motors.

CWB - Contactors

Developed according to IEC 60947 and UL 508 international standards, the new WEG CWB line of contactors meets the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications worldwide.

CWC - Compact contactors

Compact and complete solution for control and operation of circuits. Wide range of accessories, allowing fast and compact assembly for various applications.

CWCA0 - Auxiliary compact contactors

Developed for different applications on control circuits. They can be directly mounted on DIN rail EN 50.002 or tightened with screws, and offer compact size and a full line of accessories.

The auxiliary minicontactors and contactors of the CAWM4, CWCA0 and CAW04 line are designed for a variety of applications in control circuits.

CWM Contactors

WEG’s three-pole contactors present high technology and safety, and easy installation. Besides, its enclosed construction according to VDE 0106, the UL approval, and its easy access connections for one or two conductors.

CWMC Series

WEG CWMC25, CWMC32, CWMC50 and CWMC65 contactors were specially designed to operate power factor correction capacitors (utilization category AC-6b). Special development to perform specific operations for this type of application.

Enclosed Starters DLW and DLWM

WEG's Motor Starters are designed to switch and protect three-phase and single-phase eletric motors.

Enclosed Starters ESW and ESWS

Ready to use Enclosed Full Voltage magnetic starters are the most commonly used devices to switch AC motor loads.

WEG's non-reversing non-combination starter consisting of a contactor and a bimetallic overload relay assembled together inside a NEMA type 1 enclosure. Two optional pilot devices are available factory-mounted.

Either START / STOP pushbuttons or no-pilot device on the cover are on the shelves ready to go. Field Kit modifications are also available as accessories.

FNH_K - Type NH Fuses (class aR)

WEG type D and type NH fuses (class gL/gG) are designed with high quality ceramic body.

MCW - Three-phase capacitors modules

Developed using self-healing, metalized polypropylene film, they feature a safety interrupting device against internal overpressure. Dielectric losses below 0.4 W/kVAr.

Mini Terminal Blocks

Ideal solution for projects with limited space in panels, junction boxes and terminal box of motors, such as manufacturers of small machines. Can be assembled on a miniature DIN rail on a flat surface and assembly boards.

Miniature Circuit Breakers MDWH

Designed to protect electrical installations against overload and short circuit. It has currents of 2 to 125 A (MDW) and 6 to 63 A (MDWH) and are in monopolar, bipolar, tripolar or quadrupole versions.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers ACW

Available in two levels of short-circuit interrupting capacity (35 & 65kA @ 480Vac),the ACW Series assures top performance from 15 to 800Amps.Common plug-in accessories simplify field installation and minimize inventory.

Introducing the WEG ACW Series of Molded Case Circuit Breakers now available with UL489 certification.Available in four different compact frames, the New ACW Series will assure top performance for power distribution on both thermal and short-circuit protection from 15 to 800Amps.

Its robust desing and double contacts structure optmize performance and increase breaking capacity (kA rms). The ACW series is available in two levels of short-circuit interrupting capacity – standard industrial & commercial applications (35kA), as well as required in high-performance applications (65kA). Common plug-in accessories simplify field installation and minimize inventory variations on distributors’ shelves.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers DW

Designed to protect electrical circuits, generators and motor branch circuits against overcurrent conditions, WEG’s Molded-Case Circuit-Breakers go up to 1600A and short-circuit breaking capacity up to 80kA @ 380/415V.

Motor Protective Circuit Breaker MPW

Protection of electric circuits + operation and protection of motors

The MPW Motor-protective Circuit-breakers are a compact solution for the protection of electric circuits, and operation and protection of motors up to 45kW (380V) or 55kW (440V). With high breaking capacity, thus allowing the installation in specific applications with high short-circuit current. They assure complete protection for electric circuits and motors through thermal and magnetic releases, where the thermal protection may be set to protect against overloads and is equipped with a differential mechanism with phase-loss sensitivity, and the magnetic protection is set at 13xIn for short-circuit protection.

There are two available models, ON-OFF through pushbuttons (MPW16) or through a handle (MPW25/65/100), and both models have trip indication, which allows the operator to visualize the status of the breaker. The starting handle can be locked with a padlock on "OFF" position, ensuring safety during maintenance.

MSW Compact Switch-Disconnectors

The MSW Switch-Disconnectors enable the manual drive of motors, machines and other equipment. Available in versions to mount on panel doors or base with currents up to 160A.

The MSW Switch-Disconnectors were developed according to IEC60947-3 and UL508, enable carrying and interrupting electric currents under normal or overload conditions and provide complete physical insulation between the circuit and the power supply when in OFF position.

Multifunction Elecronic Relays

The ERWT relay can be mounted directly on DIN rail 35 mm or fixed with screws using the optional PLMP.

Pilot Lights

Developed for harsh environments and industrial applications, the CSW pilot lights employ high technology in the project and manufacturing, offering a modern and ergonomic design.


Developed for harsh environments and industrial applications, WEG line of Push Buttons and Pilot Lights employs high technology in the project and manufacturing, offering a modern and ergonomic design.

QDW Distribution Boards

Plastic-injected distribution boards flush and wall mounting with slots for 4 to 36 poles.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers RDW

Devices designed to protect people and electrical installations against the effects of direct or indirect contacts due to loss of insulation of conductors.

RNW Electronic Level Control Relays

The RNW, WEG level control relay, is an electronic control device that allows monitoring and automatic setting of level of conductive (non-explosive) liquids by means of submerged electrodes. It has front selector that allows adjusting the electronic circuit to the resistivity of the liquid.

RPW Electronic Monitoring Relays

WEG RPW relays are electronic devices that protect the three-phase systems against phase loss or neuter loss (selectable) (RPW FF), phase sequence inversion (RPW SF) or both functions integrated in the same product (RPW FSF). Whenever an anomaly occurs in the system, the relay will switch its output to interrupt the motor or process to be protected. Designed according to international standards, the RPW is a compact and safe solution in 22.5-mm wide boxes for mounting on DIN rail 35mm.

Standards: IEC / EN 60947-1 and IEC / EN 60947-5-1

RTW Electronic Timing Relays

WEG RTW timer relays are electronic devices that allow, due to adjusted times, to switch an output signal according to its function. Commonly used in the automation of industrial processes and machines like motor starters, control switchboards, industrial ovens, casting machines, among others.

It has digital electronics, which provides high accuracy, repeatability and noise immunity.

Designed according to international standards, the RTW is a compact and safe solution in 22.5-mm wide boxes for mounting on DIN rail 35mm, in configurations with 1 or 2 NONC outputs and supplied with 110-130V 50/60Hz, 220-240V 50/60Hz or 24Vdc.

Selector Switches

Developed for harsh environments and industrial applications, the selector switches of the CSW Push Buttons and Pilot Lights line employ high technology in the project and manufacturing, offering a modern and ergonomic design.

SIW Miniature Switch Disconnectors

Intended for electrical circuit switching and disconnection under normal conditions up to 100A. Available in a modular frame of 2, 3 and 4 poles.

- Electrical circuit disconnection up to currents of 100 A

- Available in 2, 3 and 4 poles

- Technical specification acc. to IEC 60947-3

Solid State Overload Relays - RW_E Series

The RW_E is meant to assure increased reliability for protection of low voltage three-phase electric motors in sinusoidal 50/60 Hz networks where reliability, low power dissipation and ease maintenance management are mandatory.

SRW01 Smart Relay

The smart relay SRW01 series is a low-voltage, electric motor management system with state-of-the-art technology and network communication capabilities. Its high reliability and precision make the SRW01 suitable for the toughest industrial applications.Additionally, its modular concept allows easy functionality expansionsit and wide application coverage. The main function of the SRW01 is to protect and control electric motors in their most diverse industrial applications. Due to its reduced size and modular design, the relay is frequently used when space for its assembly is a determining point, The on-line monitoring options, failure diagnosis and failure statistics allow preventive maintenance to be more effective, thus reducing the number of downtimes. It covers wide application for continuous process plants in the following market segments.

The relay offers pre-programmed operating modes that perform some types of standard starting and monitoring conditions. Its friendly parameterization mode allows users to program the relay according to their needs.

Surge Protective Devices SPW

Available in the single-phase, plug-in version for degree of protection I and II, the SPW is a protection device against voltage surges in the power line. Developed in versions with or without remote signaling contact, the SPW features visual signaling to indicate the moment to replace the protection module, and it is divided into four models, according to the prospective maximum discharge current (wave 8/20 µs): 12, 20, 45 and 60 kA. Removable protection modules are supplied as replacement accessories to all the models.

Thermal Overload Relays - RW series

Protection relays for electric motors up to 840A. Assembled directly to the contactors or to an individual base. Trigger classification 10.

UCW - Single-Phase Capacitors (kvar)

Developed using self-healing, metalized polypropylene film, they feature a safety interrupting device against internal overpressure. Dielectric losses below 0.4 W/kVAr.

UCWT - Three-phase Capacitors (kvar)

WEG power factor correction capacitors were designed using self-healing metallized polypropylene film, have security protection against internal over pressure and the dielectric losses are less than 0.4 W/kVAr.

UL - Circuit Breakers DW Series

The DWB Series of Molded Case Circuit Breakers is available with UL 489 certification.