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CWMC Contactors

WEG CWMC25, CWMC32, CWMC50 and CWMC65 contactors were specially designed to operate power factor correction capacitors (utilization category AC-6b). Special development to perform specific operations for this type of application.

CWMS Contactors for Safety Applications

CWMS power contactors (9A to 105A @ AC-3) and CAWMS auxiliary contactors used in safety systems of machinery and equipment.

Enclosed Non-Combination Starters - ESW Series

Ready to use Enclosed Full Voltage magnetic starters are the most commonly used devices to switch AC motor loads.

WEG's non-reversing non-combination starter consisting of a contactor and a bimetallic overload relay assembled together inside a NEMA type 1 enclosure. Two optional pilot devices are available factory-mounted.

Either START / STOP pushbuttons or no-pilot device on the cover are on the shelves ready to go. Field Kit modifications are also available as accessories.

Enclosed Non-Combination Starters - PESW Series

WEG offers non-reversing and non-combination NEMA-4X magnetic starter up to 75HP at 460V.

Featuring components that meet IEC design standards and UL horsepower ratings, incorporating WEG contactors and overload relays, the PESW magnetic starters are ideal to protect motors and ensure reliable operation year-after-year. Assembled together in a NEMA 4X enclosure with two options off the shelf: Start/Stop Pushbutton and RESET or just the RESET button on the cover for quick and easy operation.

WEG PESW starters are recommended for all single and three phase applications where across-the-line starters can be applied.

Enclosed Starters - DLW / DLWM - Plastic Enclosures

WEG's Motor Starters are designed to switch and protect three-phase and single-phase eletric motors.

RW - Thermal Overload Relays

Protection relays for electric motors up to 840A. Assembled directly to the contactors or to an individual base. Trigger classification 10.

RW_E - Electronic Overload Relays

The RW_E is meant to assure increased reliability for protection of low voltage three-phase electric motors in sinusoidal 50/60 Hz networks where reliability, low power dissipation and ease maintenance management are mandatory.

Smart Relay SRW01

The smart relay SRW01 series is a low-voltage, electric motor management system with state-of-the-art technology and network communication capabilities. Its high reliability and precision make the SRW01 suitable for the toughest industrial applications.Additionally, its modular concept allows easy functionality expansionsit and wide application coverage. The main function of the SRW01 is to protect and control electric motors in their most diverse industrial applications. Due to its reduced size and modular design, the relay is frequently used when space for its assembly is a determining point, The on-line monitoring options, failure diagnosis and failure statistics allow preventive maintenance to be more effective, thus reducing the number of downtimes. It covers wide application for continuous process plants in the following market segments.

The relay offers pre-programmed operating modes that perform some types of standard starting and monitoring conditions. Its friendly parameterization mode allows users to program the relay according to their needs.

Three-pole Contactors CWM

WEG’s three-pole contactors present high technology and safety, and easy installation. Besides, its enclosed construction according to VDE 0106, the UL approval, and its easy access connections for one or two conductors.

Three-pole Contactors CWM (NEMA)

The WEG CWM_N series NEMA rated contactor line has been designed for industrial duty and with reliability in mind. Rated for inductive loads up to 300 Amps or 200 HP @ 460 V, WEG can offer the suitable contactor for your application.

Customers who are used to specifying contactors (and starters), by a particular NEMA Size (size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), now can use the WEG CWM_N series, NEMA rated contactors. Customers get the ease of choosing the product, the reliability of WEG quality, and still get the sophisticated arc quenching techniques to reduce excess heat on the contacts.

Given their compact footprints, CWM_N contactors allow total panel space optimization, with only a few compact frame sizes from 5 to 200 HP @ 460 V.

Reducing inventory is a “snap” with CWM’s common accessories. For example, side mounted auxiliary contact blocks are the same from 5 to 200 HP @ 460 V.