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ACW Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Available in two levels of short-circuit interrupting capacity (35 & 65kA @ 480Vac),the ACW Series assures top performance from 15 to 800Amps.Common plug-in accessories simplify field installation and minimize inventory.

Introducing the WEG ACW Series of Molded Case Circuit Breakers now available with UL489 certification.Available in four different compact frames, the New ACW Series will assure top performance for power distribution on both thermal and short-circuit protection from 15 to 800Amps.

Its robust desing and double contacts structure optmize performance and increase breaking capacity (kA rms). The ACW series is available in two levels of short-circuit interrupting capacity – standard industrial & commercial applications (35kA), as well as required in high-performance applications (65kA). Common plug-in accessories simplify field installation and minimize inventory variations on distributors’ shelves.

Air Circuit-Breaker ABW

Ideal for the protection of high power low-voltage electrical circuits. Rated operational currents up to 6300A and high short-circuit breaking capacity. Available with 3 or 4 poles for both versions:fixed or withdrawable

Circuit breakers are devices used to protect electrical circuits and related equipments from overload and short-circuit overcurrents. It is imperative to choose and size circuit breakers according to each specific application, and level of protection imposed by safety requirements.

WEG series of Air Circuit Breakers offers high breaking capacity to protect low voltage applications in high power circuits. Its modular design is enhanced by only four different frame sizes to best suit most applications.

Distribution Board QDW

Plastic-injected distribution boards flush and wall mounting with slots for 4 to 36 poles.

Miniature Circuit-Breakers MDW and MDWH

MDW - MDWH range of miniature circuit-breakers performs overload and standard short-circuit protection of electrical circuits.

Miniature Circuit-Breakers MDW 3kA:

- Rated currents from 2 to 100A

- Tripping characteristic curves B and C

- MCB in 1, 2, 3 and 4 poles

Miniature Circuit-Breakers MDWH 10kA:

- Rated currents from 6 to 63A

- Tripping characteristic curves B and C

- MCB in 1, 2, 3 and 4 poles

Molded-Case Circuit-Breakers DW (IEC)

Designed to protect electrical circuits, generators and motor branch circuits against overcurrent conditions, WEG’s Molded-Case Circuit-Breakers go up to 1600A and short-circuit breaking capacity up to 80kA @ 380/415V.

Molded-Case Circuit-Breakers DW (UL)

The DWB Series of Molded Case Circuit Breakers is available with UL 489 certification.

Residual Current Circuit-Breaker RDW

Devices designed to protect people and electrical installations against the effects of direct or indirect contacts due to loss of insulation of conductors.

Surge Suppressors - SPW

Available in the single-phase, plug-in version for degree of protection I and II, the SPW is a protection device against voltage surges in the power line. Developed in versions with or without remote signaling contact, the SPW features visual signaling to indicate the moment to replace the protection module, and it is divided into four models, according to the prospective maximum discharge current (wave 8/20 µs): 12, 20, 45 and 60 kA. Removable protection modules are supplied as replacement accessories to all the models.

Switch-Disconnector SIW

Intended for electrical circuit switching and disconnection under normal conditions up to 100A. Available in a modular frame of 2, 3 and 4 poles.

- Electrical circuit disconnection up to currents of 100 A

- Available in 2, 3 and 4 poles

- Technical specification acc. to IEC 60947-3