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WEG Solutions ensure more efficiency for the textile industry
By replacing the standard equipment for the Wmagnet line, Teka gains more productivity and still saves energy

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
W22 high-efficiency electric motors and variable speed drives from WEG have been chosen by leading industrial group Atlas Copco to power its latest range of energy-efficient screw blowers. The 90, 132 and 160 kW motors and drives are being used in models from Atlas Copco’s ZS range of blowers, supplied for a range of demanding applications including wastewater treatment, food and beverage manufacture and chemical processing.

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Delegates to the conference will include business leaders, energy managers, machine builders, consultants and engineers from many different industries.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
WEG has once again demonstrated its commitment to sustainable solutions, with the supply of 62 self-monitoring motors for the recently- opened 55,000 m3/d Trekkopje sea water desalination plant in Namibia.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
WEG Electric recently assisted an Iowa sand processing plant, in solving a pumping problem.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Synchronous motors are increasingly the motor of choice in high power, heavy load applications. This is due to their ability to reduce electrical energy costs, and improve energy efficiency, by correcting power factor on the motor power supply. Because of the size and nature of the applications in which synchronous motors are used, the energy savings can be considerable, and often result in fast payback of the motor expenditure; with all subsequent savings helping to reduce the user’s operating costs.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
A petrochemical refinery in Brazil is turning up the steam to meet increased domestic demand by becoming the first crude oil refinery to be entirely built with Brazilian technology. This includes WEG motors at the heart of one of their core processes.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Solução WEG reduz custos na produção de arroz
Project lowers electric energy consumption by 70% and reduces equipment wear.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
 Driven by WEG motors, ten floating pumps have raised the water level of the Cantareira reservoir by 18%.
Critical water levels increased 18% at Cantareira Reservoir with the installation of water pumps driven by WEG solutions.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Tool simulates power savings in Industry
See how to save electric power and reduce CO2 emissions in your company.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
A 6,865KW WEG electric motor is being used to drive the world’s largest industrial shredder - capable of reducing 450 end-of-life vehicles into tiny pieces every hour.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Reliable raw material feed in mobile concrete mixing plants.

Media Center » News » Corporate
Construction work at the new factory in India
Medium and high voltage motors and generators will begin to be manufactured at WEG India in the first semester of 2010.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Motors in Australian Desert
The Fortescue Metals Group’s Cloudbreak mine site and Herb Elliot Port in Port Hedland, Western Australia is almost completed. 24 WEG motors are installed at the mine and the port facilities.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
WEG Equipment in the largest park in Latin America
From the Rollercoaster to water pumps, motors, inverters and soft starters WEG is present in nearly all the equipment of the Beto Carrero World. Flexibility and safety mark years of partnership.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Exchanging motors reduces production cost at Buettner by 33%
With the exchange of standard equipment for the modern WMagnet line, Buettner gains more productivity and even saves on power consumption.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
WEG supplies motors for world’s largest wood chipper line
WEG’s HV equipment supplied to Veracel totals around 2,200 HP: equivalent to over 30 medium - sized cars.

Media Center » News » Corporate
WEG inaugurates transformer plant in Mexico
On April 14th, WEG officially inaugurated its new transformer plant on a site next to its motor plant in Mexico.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
With the increase of the demand for irrigation, electric, hydraulic and thermal power generation, WEG will open a motor plant in India at the end of 2010

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Chilean mining company counts on WEG motors and rheostats to drive its conveyor belts.



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