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Variable Speed Drive CFW09
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Variable Speed Drive CFW09

High technology for motors driving. WEG VSDs offer several features like easy installation and operation, compact size and have a number of special functions. Available in power ratings from 1.1 to 1,100 kW.


The WEG CFW-09 Series of Variable Speed Drives incorporate the world’s most advanced technology in drives for three-phase AC induction motors.

The Vectrue Technology™ represents a siginificant advancement, allowing this new generation of WEG inverters to combine V / F, Sensorless Vector and Closed Loop Vector (with encoder) control techniques, all in one product.

An innovation was also introduced to simplify applications that require braking torque. A new feature named Optimal Braking™ eliminates the need for the dynamic braking resistor in some applications allowing a simpler, more compact and economic solution.

Note: The CFW08 Frequency Inverter Series were designed for exclusively industrial or professional use.

  • Power Range: from 1.1 to 1,100 kW.
  • Power Supply Voltage: 220-230 V, 380-480 V, 500-600/690 V.
  • Vectrue Technology®: This technology was developped by WEG and provides the following advantages:
  • V / F or Vector Control modes
  • True Flux Vector Control in either open or close loop vector
  • True Open Loop Vector Control with high torque and fast dynamic response
  • Self-tuning for automatic drive set-up to match the drive to motor and load in vector modes.
  • Optimal Braking®: WEG technology for applications requiring short stopping times and/or stops under high inertial loading. The great advantage of eliminating the need for a braking resistor.
  • High perfomance RISC 32 bit microprocessor
  • Vector and Scalor Control with selection by parameter
  • Detachable SMART keypad with dual display (LCD and LED)
  • Variable and Constant Torque ratings
  • Degree of Protection NEMA 1 / IP 20
  • Compact design
  • Simplified installation and programming
  • Oriented start-up
  • Through surface mounting option
  • On / Off-line PC programming with SuperDrives software
  • DCbus connections available
  • Fieldbus network communication. Profibus DP or DeviceNet (opcional). Modbus RTU (built-in)
  • COPY Function: Allows copying parameters from one drive to others
  • Multi-Speed Funcion: Up to eight different speeds can be programmed
  • Overlapping PID Regulator: For applications where a process variable has to be controlled by the motor speed
  • Applications

    Fans / Exhausters, Centrifugal Pumps, Metering / Processing Pumps, Mixers, Compressors, Extruders, Pumps, Screeners, Vibratory Feeders, Crushers, Dynamic Separators, Conveyors, Cement Ovens, Roller Tables, Winders / Unwinders, Overhead Cranes / Cranes, Presses / Lathes / Milling Cutters, Drillers / Grinders, Laminators, Cutting Lines, Ingot Molding Lines, Pipe Forming Machines, Wire Drawing Machines, Veneer Lathes, Chippers, Plains, Saws, Air Conditioners Units, Rotating Filters, Paper Machines, Paper Rewinders, Calenders, Waste Dosers, Ball Mills, Enameling Machine, Botllers, Injection Machines, Granulators, Booster Systems, Looms, Spinning Machines, Carding Machines, Warpers, Palletizers, Monorails, Commercial Elevators, Overhead Cranes and Hoists.



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